How to Manage Office Supplies?

How to manage office supplies?

Part of maintaining an efficient office is ensuring that everyone has access to the tools they need and one resource-the entire office use is office supplies. Having the perfect office stationery is as important as having the right employees. Office supplies are easy to use and easy to run out of and become a hassle if they aren’t monitored properly.
In search of how to manage office supplies? Find our plans of action as below:

Arrange the available supplies

The first thing is to organize your supply room by grouping similar items together. This thing will make it easy for employees to find the supplies they need. Encourage the employees to put extra supplies back where they found. Place frequently used items at eye level shelves and occasionally used items at higher level shelves and display a note not to purchase more in future. This practice will very easily answer your question-how to manage office supplies?

Confine the access to supplies

How do you currently keep track of supplies? If it’s open supply room then you’re in trouble. The first efficient way is to confine the access to supplies and for that purpose you will have to appoint someone as the in-charge of supply room. Any employee who needs something will prepare an indent for his/her required item and no item will be issued without indent.

 Second, you can create a log of employees who can enter supply room. They should note down which, when and how much they take the supplies while they leave the supply room. They can distribute supplies to other employees as is necessary.

Set reorder level

Fix and maintain stock levels for each stationery items according to demand of your office. Purchase stationery items at regular intervals in order to maintain required stock levels. Be sure to periodically perform inventory checks so you can revise your reorder levels and remain aware of which supplies may be running low.

Check out online stationery shops for great discounts

As it is less costly to retailers to sell items online, they offer great discounts to promote their products. It’s a golden opportunity for buyers to purchase online to avail discounts. There is a number of websites which offer great discounts on office stationery supplies. You can take advantage of their offers on bulk purchases by checking your reorder levels. And buying the specific quantities of the products you need. Get registered at particular a website and always try to purchase from that in order to become their golden member and avail great deals of discounts.