10 Stationery items an office must have

10 Stationery Items an Office Must Have

You have your work station with a computer or laptop and a phone, but is that all you need to perform your daily tasks? No matter how efficient you are in the use of technology and smart gadgets but still you need some basic stationery items at arm length. Below is the list of top 10 stationery items an office must have:

1. Desktop Calendar

Sure, our smart phones and PC’s contain calendar but a physical one is really more helpful and must be included in the stationery list of every office.

10 Stationery Items an Office Must Have

. Desktop calendar is more noticeable and memorable than a simple notification on the phone. For setting meetings, or paying bills, or simply underlining the deadlines for a particular task; calendars are must.


Second quintessential items of an office are pens and pen holders. From writing down something to signing a document, the only thing you have to have is pens.

10 Stationery Items an Office Must Have

There is a variety of pens but most common and must have are three variants; fountain pen, ballpoint and gel pen. Another item that complements pens is pen holder. Pen holders don’t let your desk be disorganized.

3. Notebooks

Notebooks are the essential office supplies and are the best way to quickly jot down information. These are very helpful in order to transfer ideas into words and sketches and to present them as some meaningful content.

4. Sticky Notes

Being organized is the serious challenge almost every person face-to. Sticky notes are one of essentials which incessantly reminds of something in one’s to-dos.

10 Stationery Items an Office Must Have

Sticky notes come in a variety of colors and shapes which help in organizing the task according to importance. These can be stuck at some place which is hard to miss by one’s eye.

5. White Sheets

White sheets are the complements of stationery check list of every office. These help as backup when there is no notebook or writing pad. White colored A4 Sheets are the default color and size of printing office documents. Moreover, these can be used for brainstorming and putting down our thoughts.

6. Calculator

No matter what sort of organization you are running, calculator is the one thing that every office needs. Although everyone can use soft forms of calculator in smart phone or PC but these can’t replace the physical one because of quick to access potential.

10 Stationery Items an Office Must Have

7. Marker and White Board

You can count a number of factors which make marker and whiteboard included in office essentials.

10 Stationery Items an Office Must Have

These equipment’s enhance collaboration, facilitates better communication and increases engagement among participants of a meeting. 

8. Staplers and Paper Clips

The best way to organize and assemble the documents and receipts made during a day is the use of stapler and paper clips. An office must have a lot of staples and paper clips for efficient handling of paper work.

Office' must have stationery

If you manage to purchase a good stapler you can solve a number of problems besides assembling your documents like it can work as a pin remover and can be used to pin flyers and other notices to the notice board.

9. Scissors and Paper Cutter

A pair of scissors is necessary office tool that someone uses for accurate cutting many times and the same thing that one needs is a paper cutter.

Office' must have stationery

Both of these are such tools that if they are not available you will have to face trouble in the form of inappropriate cutting, inefficiency or being delayed in performing some important task. A reasonable sized pair of scissors and paper cutter can be your helper in managing a specific task so don’t forget to include them in your essentials list.

 10. Folders

With so many files or documents to choose from the only thing to get organized is folders. Besides organizing files, folders keep them safe and damage free. There is a multitude of folders to choose from, according to the need of your work. Transparent and lever arch files are most common used folders of an office.

Office' must have stationery