Setting Up an Ergonomic Desk

The Best Way to Organize Your Desk

In order to be efficient, you must be aware of what is the perfect desk setup for your productivity? The way you arrange your desk really impacts your workflow and ultimately your efficiency because productivity begins at your working desk so here in the following is an appropriate guide to setting up an ergonomic working station.

Ergonomic Desk and Chair

An ergonomic desk is the one with ideal height and it must be clear that no one size fits all. Your desk should let you type on a keyboard with arms and hands parallel to ground. so that your arms don’t get exaggerated of approaching the keyboard at higher or lower level. Second there must be as much margin for you to cross you legs under the table or to adjust the height of your chair.

Best way to organize desk

If you sit in chair for a long work session then it is the most important piece of furniture after your desk. Your chair must follow the natural curve of your lower back. Its arm rests must be at proper height so that your shoulders aren’t hunched. The material of your chair must be durable and it must not wear out quickly.

Proper Placement of Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

Placement of your gadgets really matters. Poor Placement of monitor and keyboard cause serious tension of eye muscles, improper posture and shoulder problems. Proper Placement of Keyboard and mouse will prevent strain on your shoulders.

The best way to organize desk

Your screen must be 20 to 40 inches apart from you, if it is placed closer than 20 inches, you’ll have to face eye strain and in case it is placed apart at more than 40 inches you’ll bend forward again and again which will result in losing the back rest.

Your Keyboard and mouse should be close enough to your body so you can hold your elbows comfortably by your sides, preventing strain on your shoulders. Make sure to use an appropriate size of mouse. If its too small or large in your hand your wrist might end up in awkward positions.

Setting Up Workflow

Your work desk should be organized as the cockpit of a pilot. It means to remove all the unnecessary items and keep only things you use repeatedly. Everything that you need must be at your arm length. Set up your workflow, all your activities must be in a sequence and better is to prepare a schedule so that if you get disrupted you can carry on easily.

Set Ideal Surrounding

Ideal surrounding of an office is not a thing to underestimate. A Research was held by HemanMiller. It concluded that Office Surrounding has a small but consistent and real influence on workers’ performance, increasing productivity by 16% and job satisfaction by 9%.

The best way to organize desk

Major features which influence the environment of your office and desk setup are as mentioned:

 Lighting, Temperature, Color, Sound and Plants also.

  • Lighting is such a factor which can change your mood and make you feel better. Dim or harsh lighting can strain your eyes. Best source of lighting is natural light-proved in a research conducted by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).
  • Cornell University researchers found, by maintaining office temperature from 20°C to 25°C typing error fell by 44 percent and increased typing ability by 150 percent.
  • Different Colors convey different messages, be careful while choosing the color of your office. White color is good to look at, Black is little sophisticated but can be heavy and Gray represents neutral psychology.  Choose the one which best suits your office.
  • Sound is such a thing that you have to have an optimum control over it. It can make you deal better with your work. A complete silent office lets you think efficiently to grow, to sort out problems and to make good decisions.
  • Placing a couple of Plants in office can sound silly. But it can boost your productivity by not letting you to distract your eyes from your desk. If you miss a plant at your table, you’ll not to be able to enjoy your productivity by 15 percent more- found by Psychologists at Exeter University.